Minimalist Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas

Own a nice and spacious bathroom sounds so dreamy and awesome, but some people like to have their bathroom minimalist yet useful. For instance not everyone want to have a extra large bult in closet to store their towels. Here we want to tell you some minimalist bathroom towel storage ideas.

Towel is a must to any kind of bathroom. It doesn’t differ on what concept or theme you have on your bathroom, you always have to own sest of towel. If you are a large family in the house or have a lot of guests come, you most likely need a very large amount of tower.

Have great collection of towels mean you have to make sure it stored safely. Below we listed some bathroom towel storage ideas to help you organize your towel.

  • Use vertical space

You can save some space more using a tall or ladder racks. This will keep your towel clean as well as your bathroom capacity.

  • Hanged towel ring

If you like to keep it simple, you can use this hanged-ring to put your currently used towel.

  • Use your stoll

If you have wooden stool inside your bathroom then you can use it to store some towels, it’s good and practical place to put your most-used towels.

Keep it simple and elegant with some of our minimalist bathroom towel storage ideas.