Cool Helloween Pumpkin Design

Helloween is a pumpkin holiday! During this time of the year you most probably have seen pumpkin face decoration everywhere. Before the season end, you better know that there are some cool pumpking design beside the classic smiling face.

  • Pumpkin ice bucket

This design is very simple and easy to make but will surely give cool impression to your drinking partner. You just need to carve some prtion of the pumpkin to make a bowl-like figure. After that your unique ice bucket is ready to be used to carry your wine or champagne.

  • Pumpkin light

If you looking for decorative light or a sleeping lamp, you can make your own with some pumpkin. You can carve whatever shpe you want outside of the pumpkin, then put a light inside. This light will give cool yet spooky feeling to your room.

  • Colorful pumpkin face

Some ideas of pumpkin design that really popular these days are related to paint the pumpkin so it won’t all go yellow-ish. You can paint it red, green, or purple to make your decoration stand out even more.

  • Candy box

You can carve your pumpkin into a box! Then you can use it to save all candy you got from trick or treat.

Here some ideas to make your helloween time even more awesome.