Best Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Room

Do you have a lot of shoes but small room to store it? Today we want to suggenst some best shoe storage ideas that will help you make your small room looks bigger.

We shouldn’t argue that best way to organizing your shoe collection is to recycling. Another best option is to donate to those who need it more. Even so, sometimes you can help but have a lot of shoes due to job or personal reasons. This can be troublesome if you live in small apartement or sharing house with others.

Here we will suggest some of the best shoe storage ideas that will effectively save your room for being overcrowded.

  • Rolling storage box or rack under your bed

These tools get more popular in the recent years. It can help you store a lot pair of shoes without consume more space. The rolls also make it easy to move, it will actually as easy as opening a cupboard.

  • Hall shoe cabinet

If you have a hall in you small house or apartement, never leave the hall unused. Nowadays you can easily find cabinet or rack designed specially to be placed in your hall. Slender and tall figure make this furniture saves a lot of space.

  • Over-the-door hanging shoe rack

This one is offer minimal storage, easy to move and cheap in one furniture. You can hang it on your door or any empty walls in your room.

Here our compilation of best shoe storage ideas that without a doubt will maximize your small room.